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WMA MP3 Changer can help you convert between MP3 and WMA
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WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 (Audio Layer 3) are two of the most popular audio formats at present. On the one hand, WMA is said to store higher-quality audio, but on the other, MP3 is still more popular and supported by a greater number of devices. WMA MP3 Changer can help you convert between these two audio formats according to your needs and preferences.
This program’s interface is very simple and intuitive. Only a few operations are necessary to convert your file from one format to the other. You can start by creating a list of files to convert. Although the name suggests converting only the above mentioned file types, WMA MP3 Changer also supports ASF and WMV as input formats, which means that it can also extract audio from video. At this point, such basic operations as starting or pausing conversion and deleting items or clearing the whole list are available from the toolbar. You can continue by specifying a target format, either WMA or MP3, and use one of the available presets, but you can also create a custom conversion profile. Unfortunately, all the items on the list must be converted to the same output format as the program does not let you use individual target profiles for each of the elements on the list. Although the application provides a default output folder, you can also set a customized location or select the source folder.
When tested, this program was able to convert audio accurately and fast. Compared to other applications of the same type, it has a disadvantage of supporting a very limited number of formats. In addition, some programs integrate with the system to allow converting via right-clicking on the file while WMA MP3 changer does not.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It supports batch processing


  • It supports only a limited range of formats
  • It does not integrate with the system
  • It does not allow using individual conversion profiles
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